Rossington Swimming Club

Two Weeks Review

We are indeed grateful to be returning to a pool so soon after the Government gave the green light for pools to open, thanks in no small part to the fantastic effort by DCLT. Several of our neighbouring areas have not been so lucky and don’t currently have any return date to work towards and those that do, have significant challenges in securing pool time for their members. It is currently estimated that just 330 out of 1657 public pools have reopened and many pools will not be opening till 2021, if at all. We are incredibly grateful to DCLT and Doncaster Council who have agreed on a way to reopen some of the Leisure facilities in our area. Saying that, Rossington Leisure Centre remains closed, with no plans to reopen until mid-2021.

After a lot of work behind the scenes we managed to secure hours at Armthorpe Leisure Centre. This allowed us to begin a phased approach to returning to swim and to ensure that our Covid procedures are sound. We are very grateful to DCLT for allowing us to use this facility. It has been great to see a few faces return to swimming with many more yet to come!We are proud to say that the measures we and DCLT have put in place are working smoothly from the entrance through to the poolside and then in the water. Although slightly alien at first, the swimmers and coaches have adapted fantastically well to the new environment, and full credit to our swimmers for the level of maturity they are showing in this new environment. They just seem excited to be back in the pool, as we all are.

Two weeks in and the swimmers look like they never left, of course we have to hold the reins a little bit and remind them that it’s about getting back into swimming slowly but initial signs are very encouraging. Though It’s important that we all understand that this has never happened before, no club has ever been in this situation until now and if things don’t go quite as well as they think they’re going to in the water, that’s fine, we can work on that. We now look forward to welcoming our swimmers back from their holidays over the next couple of weeks, and hopefully some more going into September.

Stay safe and get in the pool