Rossington Swimming Club

Swimmer of the Month June 2017 – Enya Mason & Ruby Barker

Swimmers of the Month for June 2017.

Swimmers of the month for June have been chosen by Coach Jacob Greenhalgh.

Enya Mason is the B Squad swimmer of the month due to her continued hard work and commitment to training. Enya is now attending the invitation only Thursday nights, doing the A squad warm ups and is becoming an established team gala swimmer. Enya works hard and always has a smile for her coaches and takes on board feedback to help her improve. Well done Enya!

Ruby Barker is awarded the A Squad swimmer of the month following an impressive June schedule. Always one of the hardest trainers, Ruby has reaped the benefits of her commitment by gaining 16 PBs in competition and 7 medals and 2 speeding tickets, along with Top Girl in her age group at the Viking Sprints and 4 A grade times. Ruby has also knocked off a cumulative total of 12 seconds in the 100m breast stroke this month. Congratulations Ruby – keep up the hard work!