Rossington Swimming Club

Proposed Club Restructure

During lockdown, your Rossington coaching team along with committee members (C&C) had time to reflect and discuss options for improving parts of the swimming pathway in Rossington and Doncaster as a whole.

During those discussions the C&C had a discussion with Doncaster Dartes to look in-depth at what a merged-club pathway might look like and the advantages to be gained from such an approach.

For those that don’t know, Doncaster Dartes is Doncaster’s performance based swimming training scheme and traditionally one of the top 4 squads in Yorkshire swimming. Their objective is to provide all of Doncaster’s swimmers with the environment, the skills and the coaching support required to be the best they can be whilst enjoying the sport.

As those discussions went on, it became more apparent to all involved that the advantages were potentially huge, and the disadvantages relatively minor.

I have to say, It has been a rather exciting few weeks of discussions. What I’m announcing today, is an agreement between the committees and coaches of both clubs to offer our membership an historic opportunity to merge together Rossington Rascals and Doncaster Dartes.

The resulting club will retain the Doncaster Dartes name (as the R in daRtes represents the Rossington club anyway). It will continue to provide Doncaster’s performance stream (what we currently know of as Dartes), plus incorporate our A/B/C squads within the club. What we will call the  competitive stream Initially.

From a day to day perspective nothing much will change for us however the advantages are huge for your child swimming; from better coaching, access to more galas etc.  The future will be very exciting with this approach.

For the athletes in the pool it should provide a higher quality programme and more opportunities to compete as part of a big, successful team. The competitive stream will remain separate from the performance stream for training purposes, but there will be greater coaching cross-over than elsewhere in Doncaster.

Financially the club will be roughly twice the size that either was previously. That brings a lot more financial stability for all and takes away a lot of pressure that the pandemic introduced.

From a coaching perspective, DARTES employ their coaches, this means that Rossington swimmers will be provided a professional coaching oversight to our competitive squads and much needed support for our hard-working volunteer coaches.

Overall, this change will bring one part of Doncaster Swimming into line with how most large city swim programmes operate around the country.

Both committees and coaches see this as an exciting big win for everyone. With this in mind, we don’t want to do this without our members’ support, I understand you may have some questions or concerns, so I want to personally invite you to a Parents meeting which I’ll confirm a date and time soon. If you’d like to take me up on this invite, please send any questions to me prior so I can do my utmost best to have the answers available for you.

Any questions are to be emailed to –