Rossington Swimming Club

Sprint Ladder

Based on the success of the sprint ladder in 2009 the club has decided to add more opportunities for our swimmers to shine.

Therefore, we are going to have two sprint ladders this year; one will be based on sprint nights only and the other will be based on all events, including sprint nights.

The club has also decided to make speeding tickets the same value as medals at individual galas – this is to reward excellent improvements at these events.

The final major change is that personal bests achieved at non-club sponsored events will not count towards the sprint ladder.



10 points for attending a sprint night or a club sponsored event (team or individual).

10 points for every personal best time (at a sprint night or team / individual event).

10 points for every medal or speeding ticket achieved.

10 points for every personal best and record achieved at the Annual Gala.

5 points for every personal best time in a team relay


The following trophies will be presented at the annual presentation evening:

• Boys Sprint Night Champion
• Girls Sprint Night Champion
• Boys Sprint Ladder Champion
• Girls Sprint Ladder Champion

There will also be medals of 2nd and 3rd places in all ladders.

Sprint nights are February to November, the first Monday in each month unless the Monday falls on a Bank Holiday when it will be on the second Monday in the month (see fixture list for details).

AP – Attending Points.

GBP – Sprint Night Personal Best.

M – Number of medals won at galas

MPB – Medal Personal Best points.