Rossington Swimming Club

Great start for the RASCALS!

An entertaining Sunday afternoon saw the start of the BML League for the Rascals, with a short trip across Doncaster to Edlington. With an almost full team in tow (these pesky 13-14 years), we were look set to provide tough competition for the other clubs.

To start off, a big congratulations to the 3 new swimmers, Theo Edwards, Orlairh Reilly and Lucie Thompson. They’ve had there first taste of competitive swimming, with 2 great team swims each. We look forward to see all 3 of you at galas in the future.

But let’s not forget the rest of our 10 years and under team of Troy Clark, Olivia Hazlett, Aoife Reilly, Alex Robinson, Ella Shentall, Matthew Thompson and Jonah Tuczemskyi. A really great turn out for such a young age group, and some fantastic swims from all of them, minus a few goggle issues that is.

The 12 years and under also provided us with some fantastic swims and close races. Many thanks to Luke Bartle, Isabelle Clark, Narin Cowell, Connor Edwards, Lucy Marsden, Shauna Thompson and Kieran Westmoreland for all those great swims and swimming up into the 14 years and under as well.

With a rather diminished, but still fighting strong, 14 years and under, swam hard and fast for the team. Henry Bartle, Edward Bennison and Luke Laing for the boys, and our lone 14 years girl Emily Blunt. A special thanks has to go to Narin Cowell, who was an honorary 14 year old today, and swam brilliantly against girls almost 2 years her senior.

And lastly we get onto our Open teams, with a return to the team for Jason Atkinson, Andrew Blacklock and Chelsea Eales. With the return of Jason and Andrew we saw the return of the unbeatable boys open team, from many moons ago (to give a sense of time, it’s from when I was still swimming). But let’s not forget about the rest of the boys open team of Tom Bennison, Josh Greenhalgh and Joshua Sellers, who helped make it possible. Then there’s also the girls side of the open team, who also did great and placed really well against our opponents. Congrats to Morgan Blunt, Jessica McClay (who was trying very hard to die quietly) and Lauren Walker.

After the pool had calmed and the kids warmed themselves up from the cold poolside and the results were tallied up, Rossington ASC came in 3rd place with 98pts, ahead of Huddersfield on 92pts (maybe 94pts). The overall winners were Edlington with 151pts and Askern Spa 2nd with 120pts.

So a big well done to all of the swimmers from us here at Rossington ASC, and when the next BML gala comes around, we’ll be looking to close that gap on the top.

I’d also like to thank those that helped out on the poolside, with Sandra and Hayley being our team managers. Glynn and Rebecca for being our time keepers, with Neil doing the split times for team races. Finally to Jill for helping officiate the gala.

The last bit before I go, many thanks to the parents that turned up and gave such great support and provided an amazing atmosphere to swim in. It really helps support the club and give a boost to our swimmers.

Chris Newby – Rossington ASC Coach