Rossington Swimming Club

About Us

The village of Rossington is situated on the outskirts of Doncaster in South Yorkshire . There has been a settlement at Rossington for hundreds of years, but the main part of the village was built as homes for the workers at Rossington Colliery during the first half of the 20th century. Rossington Colliery was closed during Government reforms in the late 1980s, but has since re-opened, all be it with a vastly reduced workforce, under the private ownership of RJB Mining. Despite this Rossington is still a growing village, and some claim it to be the biggest village in Europe.

Rossington Amateur Swimming Club was formed shortly after the building of Rossington Sports Centre in June 1966. The club badge shows the coat of arms for the Rural District Council of Doncaster, which was awarded to the club. The club grew quickly and reached a height of success during the 70s competing in the Speedo League against the likes of Leeds, Hull and Edinburgh . Also during the 1970s Rossington ASC developed ties with the German swimming club Post SV Alfeld. Many exchange visits were made between the two clubs and the links lasted well into the 1980s. The club has continued at a competitive level right through to this year although in the late nineties the club came into financial trouble and was on the verge of folding. Thankfully the club is now in the process of bouncing back and returning to it’s previous glories. A sign of this came in 1999 when the club organised a training weekend in France . The long weekend in August was a big step in bringing the club’s members closer together.

In 2002 a new committee was elected and with the help of the Chief Coach, Linda Wilson, the club began a major rebuilding exercise which commences to this day – our aim is to aid in the process of revolutionising the swimming scene in Doncaster.

In 2005 saw a restructure of the swimming club Vicky Norman joined and took over from Linda Wilson as Chief Coach. Vicky is responsible for the close liason between Doncaster DARTES head coach to ensure that coaching strategies and training is supported by the swimming club. Also Vicky took on the role of swim 21 co-ordinator and we are proud to say we have been SwimMark accredited since 2007.

Rossington ASC has a very local membership with all members coming either from Rossington itself or other surrounding villages. The club is and always has been run on a completely amateur basis, all of the club coaches, teachers, officials and all other club helpers are volunteers.

The club is now run by former swimmers Jordan Allerton & Daniel Griffiths alongside Emma Hughes and the the committee.

If you would like to get to contact us then click here, and see a map to the Rossington Sports Centre.

If you would like to know how the club is run then click here to see the Rossington Amateur Swimming Club constitution.