Rossington Swimming Club

Swimmer of the Month

Luke Liang - Swimmer of the Month

Swimmer of the Month February 2015 – Luke Liang

Luke Liang was awarded the swimmer of the month for February. Luke has consistently trained hard, but managed to bring a little something extra in February. As well as swimming in the top lane of B squad, he’s also been doing the warm­up for A squad as well, with a view for Luke to move up to A […]

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Swimmer of the Month January 2015 – Jonah Tuczemskyi

The first swimmer of the month for 2015 goes to Jonah Tuczemskyi. This little guy has shown everyone how’s it done, moving from the back of lane 1 to the middle of the next lane in no time at all! He works very hard and pushes himself that extra bit from session to session. Great […]

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